Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of making a website more visible in the list of search engines. This can be better put as the steps involved in marketing, promoting a website and making it more appealing to the viewer or potential customer. The numbers of viewers or traffic to a website would be far more if the site is “optimized” for search engines. Now let’s find out why should I hire an SEO company for my website?

Why do you need Search Engine Optimization?

Most of the companies today are taking their businesses online. This is done by setting up a website which lists their products and services, company history, a customer feedback column and many more. It is thus opening itself to a worldwide market but at the same time worldwide competition. This is where the role of Web Mind Technology comes in. Picture this: You have set up a stationery shop selling all the essential items. But that won’t fetch you buyers until they know the stock you keep. And this is why we at Web Mind Technology, focus on getting the leads for our customers so that your business can boost significantly in short time span and your sale increases remarkably.

Why should you need Web Mind Technology for your SEO requirements?

Just as in the example above, a website is set up and domain hosting service is purchased. The web host would send you a congratulatory message that your website is now on the web. Their job is done. And you rest assured that your mail would start ringing from the next day. You are hopeful for a month and your patience starts gradually waning. That’s the time when you start thinking about an SEO company and its advantages. That is where we all falter. You should be hiring the services of an SEO based company immediately after creating your website. Hence just when you are done with setting up your site, leave your site to us, at Web Mind Technology we will take full control of your site and enhance it technically to make it more seo friendly.

How do we work at Web Mind Technology?

We at Web Mind Technology conduct our own style of content development and promotions for your website before optimization. We have a different approach towards each website’s content. Mostly it is through surveys.

  1. We conduct an SEO audit on your site to identify problems needed to be addressed. And we also provide site recommendations to make you improve your web experience.
  2. The Web Mind Technology makes a target analysis of the market. The target customer has to be identified and this involves extensive research of the web and the platforms where your product can be best accepted. And our target at Web Mind Technology, is to convert every visit to your site into a gain.
  3. Competitor analysis is a point you have to accept you can’t do on your own. The Web Mind Technology uses SEO tools to retrieves data from your competitors. This it uses for creating competitive strategies.
  4. Onsite and Offsite Optimization involves removing duplicate content, proper keyword placing and building links to your website. Back links will get you decent rankings on search engines.

And most importantly, Web Mind Technology analyses the traffic to your website giving you an idea of the nature of response to your website. It also conducts rank analysis to show how your keywords are performing in search engines.

FAQ sections

A. - It will take 30 – 90 days for your website to be visible in the top ten rankings of search engines. But it depends on the content in your website and how frequently it s searched.
A. - This is a question which cannot yield an exact answer. The number of enquiries will vary based on the industry and the product. But the percentage of improvement compared to the past outcomes should be observed. And here you will find a huge disparity. In any case, you could never have done web canvassing for your site on your own.
A. - These few companies sell Pay-Per-Click services to you. They put up your site in high indexed websites. You can never gain much from such a venture.
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