Pay Per Click

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Pay Per Click

Pay per Click, whose abbreviation is PPC, is pretty straightforward. It so happens that Search engines such as Bing and Google let individuals and companies to purchase listings in the search results of theirs. Such listings emerge next to and more and more on top of the non-remunerated organic search outcomes. The search engine’s get paid on every occasion that any user happens to click on top of the sponsored listing.

Why is it needed?

Why is it needed?

PPC advertising is able to produce traffic at once. You just require spending sufficient, getting top placement, and likely clients will witness your business foremost. If individuals are seeking key phrases that you’ve bid and you’ve put in an ad that’s well-written, you are going to get clicks as soon as the ad’s activated. Thus, PPC advertising is prompt and with s number of systems, you can produce targeted traffic in matter of minutes of having opened an account.PPC marketing is also agile and PPC campaigns are adjustable within hours/ days. PPC is also able to be a good deal. Occasionally, you’ll find lengthier, highly precise phrases, which not everybody has pursued. In such a situation you can produce greatly targeted traffic right to your site at a cost that is just a fraction of that of any additional variety of paid advertising.

Why choose us ?

As an organization prominent for its mechanical SEO software, you are likely to anticipate that WEB MIND TECHNOLOGY has an extremely data-directed move towards PPC, and you’re actually right. Data stands at the very core of our process for maximizing your campaigns’ ROI. However, we are not reliant on tools and are reliant on our staff and their proficiency.

The PPC service of WEB MIND TECHNOLOGY has a great deal more to it that the mere management of AdWords.

It takes in every single network you would imagine, from paid search through to paid social. We take on every type of drive that yields the finest ROI that include remarketing, shopping, YouTube, and Gmail.

Our PPC Management - What you can anticipate from it

PPC Strategy

For tailoring a PPC campaign that is okay for you, we’re going to get to be familiar with your company, industry area, rivals and also USP’s. Only after this, are we going to with you for developing an approach that is certain to bring the results you require



We are going to work for delivering that tactic by putting up your present campaigns, or by creating accounts at fresh networks. It’s vital for us that you are the owner of the accounts, and also that you’ve an association with the owners of the networks.


We are going to guarantee that you are targeting keywords that are the most apt and not wasting your spend. We make use of classy modus operandi guaranteeing that you take in the complete search backdrop while keeping off the sections that aren’t precise for your company

Adcopy Writing

We make certain that all of your adverts are strongly centered on the keywords of the ad group and to your website’s landing pages. By the use of a potent call to action as well as unremitting testing we are able to be certain that you’re having the precise traffic at the most economical rate you are able to shell out.

Ad Extensions

Those have grown to be a central element of the PPC armory. Ad extensions alter your adtext and provide you with the opportunity for holding an edge over your rivals. If it so happens that you aren’t making use of ad extensions in the present day bid landscape you’re definitely missing out on a trick.


Devoid of the accurate data, optimization of a PPC campaign is going to be nothing other than a blast in the darkness. Thus, among the foremost things that we do is ensure that the set up of the tracking is proper and thus providing us with all the facts we require for the optimization of the accounts with the passing of time.

Shopping Ads

We are going to be of help to you in setting up, managing and optimizing your shopping drives and merchandise listing ads for promoting your inventory. We have a great deal of experience this helps us to guarantee that the right merchandise displays for the precise keywords.

PPC Optimisation

Constant optimization is going to incessantly process and center the drive to press on the performance parameters. The key lies in awareness towards detail.  A somewhat greater click through fee in this Ad group and a somewhat lesser CPC on this specific keyword are all going to tally up and make an immense difference.


WEB MIND TECHNOLOGY produces reports that offer consequential insight into all of the happening that is going on with the PPC campaign of yours.

FAQ sections

What’s PPC advertising?
PPC, is a variety of online advertising that lets companies place ads in search outcomes or in a different place online, paying just when somebody makes a click on any ad.
There’re many excellent reasons for using PPC. Some of them are:
• It’s measureable
• It’s scalable
• It’s speedier than SEO
• It’s flexible
• It’s simpler than SEO
• It converts
• It’s engaging
• It complements additional marketing channels
A number of the business models that can gain particularly from PPC consist of:
• Business having high client life span
• Businesses having high margins
• Businesses selling hard-to-find merchandise that an individual frequently orders
• Businesses having extensive array of items
• Seasonal businesses

Our Process

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